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We are agents of the SAAQ, which means that we are authorized to conduct mechanical audits on road vehicles. The services we offer:

  • Photometric testing of tinted windows;
  • Periodic mechanical inspection every 6 or 12 months of vehicles weighing less than 4,500 kg (buses, minibuses, taxis, emergency vehicles, driving school vehicles);
  • Punctual mechanical inspection of
    • modified or transformed vehicles;
    • vehicles of artisanal creation;
    • vehicles taken out of storage after 12 months;
    • vehicles from outside Quebec and the subject of a Quebec license plate request.
  • Affixing vehicle identification number plates on a vehicle;
  • Issuing mechanical verification certificates;
  • Issuing stickers of compliance.

Preventive Inspection

To ensure a vehicle's proper mechanical state, a PREVENTIVE inspection (commonly known as PEP) is mandatory every 6 months. This inspection is a visual mechanical inspection that is limited to the elements contained in the  Mechanical Inspection Guide. The advantages of this inspection are that we can prevent and avoid significant breakage that requires a prolonged shutdown of the vehicle, because a prolonged discontinuation leads to a loss in revenues that eventually, in some cases, leads to a loss of contracts.

Also, completing this preventive inspection means you can avoid a series of unexpected repairs that would otherwise arise during the annual SAAQ inspection.