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Tips and tricks


Buying wholesale is an excellent way to save the most money on your parts. We often organize truck load sales on certain parts for our clients. Let us know that you're interested and we'll add you to the list.


Time well spent often leads to profits, while on the contrary, wasted time causes shortfalls and lost opportunities. This is even more true in the field of heavy vehicles. For this reason, having your vehicle's specifications and mileage on hand makes it easier for us to take it in hand, and in doing so, reduces the time you have to keep it off the road. 

A higher hourly rate does not mean higher costs. The hourly rate rather reflects specialized and competent technicians with up-to-date training, specialized tools and well adapted for the works. All this allows you to have a lower down time and therefore less money loss.

SAAQ Inspections

We would advise you to call and book an inspection at the beginning of the month since the last two weeks is when we have a much higher inspection volume. You will be able to choose from many more available time slots and can plan for the necessary repairs to ensure your vehicle remains compliant while still respecting your deadlines.

Make an appointment today at or call us at 819 533-4996 extention #230

Pep Inspection

This visual mechanical inspection is mandatory every 6 months and helps you prevent and avoid serious breakage that would require extended shutdown of your vehicle, thereby averting significant loss of revenue. In addition, it also saves you from unexpected repairs during the annual SAAQ inspection.